California Giants Zinnia Large Packet


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Looking for a flower that will really make a statement in your garden? Look no further than the California Giants Zinnia Large Packet! These beautiful flowers are perfect for adding a touch of color to any garden, and they're also great for cutting and arranging into bouquets. The best part about these zinnias is that the more you cut them, the more they bloom! So go ahead and cut as many as you like - you'll just be encouraging more growth!

Since 1926, the California Giants Zinnia has been delivering large, gorgeous blossoms that are perfect for any garden. These tall plants are heat-loving and easy to care for, and each individual flower lasts a long time on the plant or in a vase. So if you're looking for a show-stopping flower that will add some serious beauty to your garden, choose the California Giants Zinnia!

1.5g (~120 seeds) | Heirloom

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