Trailing Mix Nasturtium


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Looking for a beautiful, easy-to-grow flowering plant that also happens to be edible? Look no further than the Trailing Mix Nasturtium!

This versatile plant comes in a variety of stunning colors including red, rose, orange, and yellow. Perfect for hanging baskets and containers, nasturtiums can also be used as a ground cover.

And if you tie them to upright supports, they'll even "climb"!

In addition to being beautiful, nasturtiums are also delicious! Their flowers make wonderful garnishes or can be stuffed with soft cheese. They can also be minced and added to butters or pickled.

And because of their vibrant colors, nasturtiums are a popular choice for adding color to salad mix. Plus, their peppery-flavored foliage is also edible.

So why not give the Trailing Mix Nasturtium a try in your garden or kitchen today? You won't be disappointed!

3 g (~22 seeds) | Heirloom

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