Lemon Queen Sunflower


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Looking for a show-stopping summer flower? Meet the Lemon Queen Sunflower!

Majestic and multi-branched, this easy-to-grow sunflower provides gorgeous cut flowers from summer through fall.

Perfect for any well-drained soil, the Lemon Queen is also drought tolerant and adaptable to almost any environment.

In areas with a long growing season, sow new crops every 2-4 weeks up until 3 months before the first fall frost for continuous bloom.

Plus, this sunflower is not only beautiful but also beneficial to local bee populations. The Lemon Queen Sunflower is the official sunflower of the Great Sunflower Project, a study to gather information about native bee populations.

So not only will your garden be gorgeous with these blooms, you'll also be helping out our important pollinator friends!

2g (~48 seeds) | Organic Heirloom

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