Snappy Fresh Mesclun Baby Greens Seeds


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Looking for a way to get your greens year-round? Look no further than Snappy Fresh Mesclun Baby Greens Seeds!

These baby greens can be grown indoors at any time of year, making them the perfect solution for getting your daily dose of greens even in the dead of winter. Just move containers as needed for best light exposure and temperature, and harvest when the greens are 2-4 inches tall.

For a continuous supply of baby greens, just cut leaves as needed and sow successively every 2 weeks.

This mix includes 36% Buttercrunch lettuce, 16% Red Salad Bowl lettuce, 16% Parris Island lettuce, 16% Red Sails lettuce, and 16% arugula, so you'll always have a variety of delicious greens to enjoy.

Plus, these baby greens are packed with nutrients, making them a great way to boost your health! So why wait? Get started growing your own baby greens today with Snappy Fresh Mesclun Baby Greens Seeds.

6 grams   (~3,120 seeds) | Organic

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