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Looking for a plant that is not only beautiful, but delicious and versatile? Then look no further than the Roselle Hibiscus! This amazing plant can be used to make a variety of tasty treats, including cranberry-flavored beverages, jelly, pie, and tea. Plus, it's perfect for adding a splash of color to any setting.

A member of the hibiscus family, the Roselle Hibiscus is an heirloom flower variety with edible calyces that provide a tart and delicious flavor. Related to okra, this heat-loving plant grows tall with red stems and leaf veins. The bright red calyxes can be used to make a “zingy” tea, sauce, syrup, or jam, or candied whole for an unusual treat. For strongly flavored teas, simmer for 10-20 minutes.

Roselle Hibiscus was given the nickname “Florida cranberry” in the 1890s due to its tart taste. But not only are the flowers and young leaves delicious - they are also beautiful! So if you're looking for a plant that is both tasty and pretty, then look no further than the Roselle Hibiscus.

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