Queeny Red Lime Zinnia


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Looking for a fun and easy-to-grow flower that will brighten up your garden or patio? Then look no further than the Queeny Red Lime Zinnia! These beautiful 2-3½" blooms have soft burgundy outer petals that gradually lighten to a creamy lime center. They make a great cut flower, and they're also very attractive to butterflies and bees.

Previously and widely known as 'Queen Red Lime.' Over the years, as the breeder has developed new colors in the series, he has transitioned the series name from "Queen" to "Queeny.

You can start the seeds indoors in a container or tray 4-6 weeks before the last frost, or you can direct seed once the weather has warmed up. Just make sure to space the plants 9-12" apart.

Zinnias are notoriously easy to grow, so even beginning gardeners will have success with these lovely flowers. Order your Queeny Red Lime Zinnia seed packet today!

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