Precious Pollinators Flower Mix


Looking to help pollinators and do your part in ensuring a diversity of food for future generations? Look no further than the Precious Pollinators Flower Mix Small Packet!

This mix provides food and nectar to a wide range of pollinators, including insects, butterflies, and moths. blooms throughout the growing season, giving these important pollinators a much-needed boost of energy as they work hard to ensure our food supply.

What's more, many of the flowers in this mix are native to North America, so you can be sure you're providing habitat for the creatures that have called this continent home for centuries.

So go ahead and sow some Precious Pollinators Flower Mix Small Packet - it's good for you, good for the pollinators, and good for the planet!

Mix includes (see diagram):

  1. Smooth Aster
  2. Borage
  3. Cosmos
  4. Dill
  5. Lance-leaved Coreopsis
  6. Lemon Bee Balm
  7. Naughty Marietta marigold
  8. Milkweed
  9. Phacelia
  10. Purple Coneflower
  11. Red Clover
  12. Scarlet Sage
  13. Sunflower, Queen mix
  14. California Giant Zinnia

Small Packet: 3g (~25 sq. ft.)

Large Packet: 10g (~83 sq. ft.)

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Weight 6 g




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