Zebrune Onion Shallot


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Looking for a superb shallot that's easy to peel and delicately flavoured? Look no further than the Zebrune Onion Shallot!

This large, eschalion (banana) type shallot is very popular with chefs thanks to its sweet, mild flavour.

It's technically a cross between a shallot and an onion, and in France it's known as 'Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou' - which means 'leg of the chicken' - because of its resemblance to a chicken leg.

You can use the Zebrune Onion Shallot in any dish that calls for onions or shallots, and its lighter flavor enhances fresh preparations like vinaigrettes perfectly.

It's also bolt-resistant, so it will produce well even in warm climates.

So why not try out our delicious shallot vinaigrette recipe (included inside)? Bon appetit!

350mg (~70 seeds) | Heirloom

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