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McKana Giant Mix Columbines grows beautifully in different shades of color. Red, yellow, white and purple are just right to brighten any area of your garden. These flowers are also perfect for bouquet and flower arrangements for any occasion. Its elegant long spurs make it more attractive and charming. It blooms in the spring of second year from a spring sowing.

How to plant McKana Giant Mix?

It is a highly adaptable flower and can survive in any conditions like warm weather. They prefer partial shade, but will tolerate full sun if the summers are cool. For better results, the seeds of McKana Giant Mix Columbine can be put inside the refrigerator for 24 hours before planting. They will take 21-28 days to germinate at soil temperatures of 70-75°F.

Starting Indoors (recommended) . Plant the seeds 8-19 weeks before the last spring frost. Transplant out after last frost. Barely cover seed as light aids germination. Transplant to larger containers or cell packs when first true leaves appear.

Sowing Outdoors . Sow once soil has warmed to 65°F (18°C). Sow directly into the garden bed in groups of 3-4 seeds. Thin to one plant when true leaves appear.

Winter mulching in cold climates . After the first frost, it is recommended to protect plants from heaving with the freeze and thaw cycles.

Plant Height . 24-38”

Plant Spacing . 10-15”

Light . McKana Giant Mix Columbine needs to be in a partly shade area. It can tolerate the heat when kept watered.

Soil . Prefers light shade and humus-rich, well-drained soil.

Hardiness . USDA Zones 3-9

Harvest . You can start harvesting it once half of the florets are open.

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Size: 200mg (~160 seeds)

Open Pollinated Heirloom

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