Long Standing Cilantro


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Looking for a versatile herb that can amp up the flavor of just about any dish? Say hello to cilantro!

Also known as Chinese parsley, cilantro is a kitchen powerhouse with a thousand uses.

Long Standing Cilantro in particular is loved for its excellent flavor, leafiness, and, as the name suggests, its slow-to-bolt nature.

Whether you're adding a sprig to chicken soup or chopped leaves to Mexican, Caribbean, or Asian dishes, cilantro is always a welcome addition. And the crushed seeds of this herb (coriander) pack a punch of flavor to stews, beans, and cookies.

Best of all, cilantro is easy to grow indoors, so you can enjoy fresh cilantro leaves year-round. Just keep in mind that this herb prefers cooler temperatures.

So if you're looking for an herb that's full of flavor and easy to grow, cilantro is definitely the way to go!

Small packet: 3g (~185 seeds)

Large packet: 12g (~739 seeds)

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