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Let us all be honest, we’re all hooked up with the beauty of Lavender.

It is written that lavender truly has a lot of uses and benefits. Have you heard about it being an essential oil? How about lavender as a decoration? Have you tried eating or drinking them? I bet not!

There are a lot of plants out there but lavender has been the most favorite. Not only because of its use but because it is delightful and relaxing to the eyes of the people who see it. If you are a total gardener, it is a perfect addition to the plants in your garden!

Germinating the Seeds

If you decide to start growing lavender seed, germinating them is the first thing you need to do. We listed down simple steps on how to germinate the lavender seeds.

  • 6-12 weeks before the heat. It is best to start germinating the seeds before the warm season. It is said that growing them indoors is best because it takes time for them to germinate and the heat outside can cause them to die.
  • Cold Stratifying. Using 2 wet paper towels, place the seeds in between them. Put it in a sealed plastic and refrigerate for at least 3 weeks.
  • Transfer to container. Use a container to transfer the seeds when they’re ready. Just sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil.
  • Cover the seeds. Using a potting mix, gently cover the seeds with 1/8 inch. In this case, they will still get sunlight which is needed in the germination process. Make sure to keep them in a warm space with good air circulation around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they sprouted, placing them under full sun is needed.
  • Water. Do not forget that it is important to water the seeds. Keep it damp but never soggy. By doing so, they’ll have enough protection to any type of fungi.

Transplanting the Seeds Safely

When your lavenders have sprouted, it is now time to transplant them into bigger containers or pots. Since it has more space than before, the roots can now grow stronger and larger. You can use the same soil you use when you germinate them. Do not forget to keep them sunlight and enough water.

Taking Care of your Lavender

Fact Check: Lavender is a type of hardy plant. That means it will still grow with less supervision. But you also have to remember that not taking good care of them can cause huge problems and all your efforts of growing them will be useless.

Some Lavender Uses

It is commonly used as essential oil for therapies like body massage. It is also used as an ingredient for some favorite home food and beauty products. Lavender can also be taken as an herbal tea, which is not that bad because it has a good aroma. When dried, lavender is also used as an additional to flower bouquets or a decoration at home. Fresh cut lavenders can live in a vase of water for 2-3 days.

What’s in it for You?

One packet weighs 40mg or it has 30 seeds inside. Make sure to use enough seeds and follow some advice we listed down to successfully grow your lavender.

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