Gardeners are a unique bunch. They have their own set of hobbies, interests, and tastes in what they like to spend their time doing. And when it comes to gifts? They like to be practical.

So what can you do when you want to get them something in honor of the holidays? The answer is simple: you need to find the perfect gift for gardeners!

Whether it’s your spouse or your son or daughter, it’s hard to know exactly what type of gifts are best for the avid gardener. We’re here to help though, with our Ultimate Gift Guide for Gardeners.

Like any other guide, we’ll go over some helpful tips and information about what items are generally good bets!

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Gardening Gifts They’ll Love

The perfect gift for a gardener doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to cost a lot either.

For some, the perfect gift is actually something that will be useful for their garden – think tools, seeds, or plants. Others look for gifts with sentimental value, like books on gardening techniques or thoughtful plant-themed decor.

Gifts to Plan the Garden

Gardeners often start planning their gardens at the end of the year before winter sets so they have a successful garden next year.

Experienced gardeners know that the best way to remember what worked well and to create a strategy for the next year is to write it down.

You’ll find gardeners with binders of empty seed packets and scraps of paper listing out their favorite tips and tools.

They will appreciate your help in getting it all organized and helping them gain new insights into improving their garden year after year.

These gifts keep that in mind by helping the gardener in your life plan out their garden adventure.

Garden Planner

Experienced gardeners understand the importance of recording what worked well, reflecting on what didn’t work, and preparing for how to improve their gardening abilities.

When you’re thinking about a great gift idea for the gardener in your life, you need to think about giving them something that will help them plan out their garden adventure.

A gardening planner can make it easier for them to see what they want to plant, when they want to plant them, and where they want to put plants in their garden.

This will make it easier for them to map out what plants are going where during the winter months so they have a useful tool when they get back into the garden in spring.

The Master Your Garden Planner from Stone Family Farmstead is a beautiful printable planner that you can print and have professional bound at a local office supply store to make a lovely gift.

Gardening Books

Gardeners get so much joy out of being in their gardens.

The beauty, the variety, the way it’s always changing with the seasons. They become an outlet for creativity and a place of meditation. But gardening also requires continuous learning!

And that’s where books come in!

Books on gardening can help you find new ways to cultivate your garden or give you ideas on how to better maintain the one you have.

Here’s is a list of some of our favorite gardening books:

The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving

Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

The Complete Guide to Companion Planting

All New Square Foot Gardening, 3rd Edition

The Complete Gardener by Monty Don

Organic Gardening for Beginners

Subscription to a Gardening Magazine

Gardening is an inspirational industry that can make you feel good about yourself and your efforts. It also teaches us how to care for our earth, which is something we all should be doing more often.

Gardening magazines are a fantastic gift because of their awe inspiring photography, seasonal advice, and gardening tips from industry leaders.

One of our favorite magazine subscriptions is Mother Earth News because of their dedication to natural living. They are also one of the few magazines that focuses on vegetable gardening.

The downside is Mother Earth News covers a broad range of topics including raising animals, homesteading, and home style recipes. The urban gardener may be more interested in a magazine that is exclusively gardening.

While not focused on the vegetable garden, these gardening magazines are all amazing and cover a wide range of gardening topics:

Garden Gate

Gardens Illustrated


Professional Soil Test Kit

Soil testers are a common product found in garden centers, but their accuracy is questionable.

Serious gardeners want accurate and in depth soil testing results.

A professional soil test kit provides sampling tools and instructions so gardeners can reliably gather their soil for testing. The kit includes a pre-paid envelope to send the soil sample to a lab.

Soil testing results are available online 6-8 days after the sample is received and includes organic fertilizer recommendations.

Tools for Seed Starting

Finding a great gift can be overwhelming, but you can rest easy knowing gardeners will be starting seeds every year.

There will be some items like seeds and soil that will need to be replenished each year.

Even tools wear out over time, so don’t worry if you think you’re buying them something they already have. Backup tools are a great gift idea.

Here are a few things that will make good seed starting gifts.

Untreated, Non-GMO Seeds

Seed packets make excellent stocking stuffers.

Enthusists who are interested in organic gardening will pay special attention to seeds that are untreated and Non-GMO certified.

Bonus points if the seeds are certified organic, but this isn’t a dealbreaker if they aren’t worried about growing a certified organic garden.

Gardeners who enjoy saving their own seeds will want heirloom and open polinated seed varieties because these will breed true and be good for seed saving.

Soil Blocking Tool

Soil blocking tools are becoming a popular gift among gardening enthusists because of the benefits to seedlings as well as the reduced plastic use.

Soil blockers are used to form blocks of wet potting soil for seeds to germinate and develop in. Plant roots are air-pruned, reducing transplant shock, which enhances growth.

Soil blockers create a “pot-less” container, and can be used for all seeds. Using soil blockers eliminates the need for buying, storing, and sanitizing plastic pots.

Seed Starting Trays

One of the most talked about items in a gardener’s inventory is a seed starting tray. They are vital for starting seeds indoors because they keep the soil containers, are convenient for storing on shelves, and make transporting plants easy.

Seed trays and inserts are an amazing gift for gardeners. They can be used at any stage of gardening, so it doesn’t matter if you’re giving a gift to a beginning or experienced gardener.

Grow Lights

Grow lights are important for starting seeds indoors because they give plants the necessary light to grow.

Without grow lights, seedlings will become legging without adequate direct light and they will not have enough energy to survive.

While there are many different types of grow lights, the most popular ones use LED lights because they use less electricity and don’t get as hot as florescent bulbs.

Get a grow light that can be hung directly over the plants and be raised and lowered depending on the plant height.

Ideally, you’ll want a light the can cover one or two plant trays as a time, depening on how the gardener has their indoor growing space set up.

Planting Pots

A serious gardener can always use a few more pots. With so many cute options to choose from, planting pots are a great, personal gift choice. 

Small plastic containers are typically used for seed starting, but you can also think ahead and get them a few cute planters for their container garden.

Plant Markers

Planting markers are an inexpensive, but important gift. It’s frustrating to go out and purchase what you need, so it can be a great surprise.

And a much better surprise than trying to remember which seeds you planted.

There are many styles of planting markers available – from the traditional type that have a flat metal stake with a label attached at the top, to plastic labels, and even wooden stakes.

With so many plant markers to choose from, here are a few of our favorites:

Any of these options will help your gardener organize their garden properly.

Gift Ideas for Working in the Garden

Once the growing season starts, your enthusiast will have a list of items they need to work in their garden.

While these gifts aren’t necessarily fun, it’s important for your gardener know that you support them and want to help them thrive.

Gardening Tool Bag

Serious gardeners have serious gardening tools. One of the most convenient ways to store your tools is in a tool bag.

There are many different styles and sizes – you can get one specific for hand tools, or one that has pouches for weeders and pruners as well as small gardening items like gloves and seed packets.

Harvesting Apron

Do gardeners need a harvesting apron? It’s debatable.

Do we want a cute harvesting apron? Absolutely!

Most gardeners will admit that walking through their gardens, harvesting tomatoes and beans, and carrying them bundled up in their aprons makes them feel more than a little bit like Laura Ingalls.

It’s not quite the same effect when you’re trying to squeeze all of your garden goodies in the fold of your t-shirt.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are essential to gardeners and they can never have too many. There are several gardening gloves to choose from, depending on what your gardening loved one grows. 

  • Cotton gloves. These are great for sowing seeds and maintaining gardens.
  • Leather gloves. These are a bit more pricey but offer protection against chemicals and insects. 
  • Thorn-proof gloves. These gloves typically go up to the elbow and are much appreciated by gardeners who tend to rose bushes and cactus plants.

We really like these synthetic garden gloves from Digz that are specially designed to be used with touchscreen smart phones.

Pick up a pair of these helpful gloves to make your garden enthusiast smile this year!

Gardening Shoes

Going outside to work in the garden is a lot more convenient when you have a shoe that’s easy to slip on and off. A good quality garden shoe should also be waterproof with a thick sole to protect your feet from mud and rocks.

Sloggers gardening shoes have been a favorite of mine for many years because of their cute designs and durability. They’re also comfortable and made in the USA from recyclable materials.

Gardening Kneeling Pad

You don’t have to be gardening in the dirt all day to need a kneeling pad, but they’re great for gardeners who spend alot of time weeding.

The extra-large and extra-thick ProPad Garden Kneeler is made with high density foam to protect your knees while you’re kneeling on rock hard surfaces.

Wide Brim Sun Hat

Working outside in the heat of the summer can be exhausting for even the most committed gardener.

A wide brimmed sun hat not only provides protection from harmful UV rays, but it will help your gardener stay cool and prevent them from getting a sunburned face.

Watering Can

When you’re trying to irrigate your garden, you need the right tools for the job.

A plastic watering can is not only stylish and functional, but will avoid rusting if it’s left outside in all weather conditions.

A water can with a filter screen is great if debris falls into your water as it will keep it from spilling onto your plants. If you get a watering can with a shower nozzle, make sure it detaches so you can clean out the screen.

Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer

Nozzle sprayers are a must for hand watering outdoor seed trays or large garden areas.

They can be adjusted for gentle showering, powerful spraying, and anything in between.

There are many different nozzle styles available, so choose one that’s easy to attach to your garden hose and has an adjustable setting to suit how you plan on using it.

Garden Colander

One of the most tedious chores in any garden is cleaning the vegetables and herbs before you use them.

A colander can make this job less painful, allowing you to rinse your harvest in the garden and avoid bringing dirt and garden pests into your kitchen.

We like this basket colander with handles because of it’s flexible design and convenience.

Self Watering Planter Boxes

If you have a porch or patio, self watering planter boxes are great for growing vegetables on autopilot.

A self watering planter box can keep your herbs and veggies hydrated so they never look droopy even when the weather is less than ideal for gardening.

Self Watering Planters come in all shapes and sizes so choose one that will best suit your growing conditions and plants.


 Composters are great for a number of reasons:

  • They reduce waste.
  • They produce nutrient rich compost.
  • Making your own is economical. 

Gardeners will feel understood and appreciated when you give a composter as a gift.

Garden Potting Bench

Potting benches make an excellent gift for any gardener. They’re perfect for organizing tools, supplies, and plants.

They’re especially nice for gardeners who don’t want to spend all day bent over while they transplant seedlings, write out labels, and clean up their tools.

Quality Garden Tools

High quality garden tools are a great gift idea if your loved one doesn’t already have some reliable hand tools for digging, transplanting seedlings, and deadheading flowers.

A complete garden tool set is a great value that any gardener will enjoy long into the future. Look for stainless steel or rust resistant blades which are not only durable, but will stay sharp longer if they are well taken care of.

Here are a few of our gardening tool recommendations:

Bypass Pruning Shears

A good pair of bypass pruners are an important asset for any serious gardener.

Bypass pruners are used for cutting flowers, branches, and small trunks of woody plants.

They are typically 7-8 inches long and can be used one handed.

Ideally you want to find a pair with a hard blade that won’t dull easily over time and an ergonomic grip that won’t cause hand fatigue with repeated use.

Micro Snip Pruners

Micro snips are a more delicate pruner for jobs that don’t need the leverage and angle of a bypass pruner.

They are ideal for deadheading flowers and harvest fruit from trees and vines.

A good pair of snips will have an easy grip handle, sharp blades to keep the cuts clean, and the ability to lock closed for safety.

Garden Dibber

Gardening dibbers are essential for making planting holes and transplanting seedlings.

They have a tapered point that makes it easy to create holes in the ground, speeding up the process for planting bulbs or transplanting seedlings.

Herb Stripper Tool

Herb strippers are a nifty tool that lets you strip leaves from branches without injuring the plant.  They work best on herbs with woody stems and tiny leaves like thyme, marjoram, oregano, and rosemary.  

Although there are all sorts of fancy strippers available, this inexpensive version will do just fine.

Gifts for Growing Indoors

Indoor gardening is growing in popularity, especially for those who want to grow food year round.

The past couple of years have also seen a huge influx of new gardeners, many of whom are urban gardeners limited to apartment and balcony gardening.

You can support your gardener no matter what their garden looks like with these indoor growing essentials:

Microgreens Growing Kit

Microgreen growing kits are the perfect gift for any gardener with limited space who wants to grow their own food. They require little light, can be grown in small containers, and harvested quickly.

Microgreens are usually harvested in one to three weeks, so they can be planted for a continuous harvest.

Start with a set of growing trays, add some delicious microgreen seed blends, and you have a gift that any health conscious gardener will love.

Need some more tips? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Growing Microgreens

Seed Sprouting Kit

Sprouts are an excellent option for a plant-based protein and many varieties can be grown indoors, with little light and water.

Growing sprouts is easy and can be done in your home.

If you’re thinking about giving the gift of growing to someone who’s new to sprouts, a seed sprouting kit is a great place to start.

You can also check out our selection of sprouting seeds to add to your gift.

Kitchen Hydroponic Garden

What’s more convenient than fresh greens and herbs growing on your kitchen counter?

Using a kitchen hydroponic garden is easier than ever and can save money by eliminating grocery store trips for fresh produce.

Many styles of hydroponic kits will work in small living areas, such as apartments or dorm rooms.

Gardeners will love this gift because it will be a conversation starter for anyone who visits their kitchen.

Gifts for Young Gardeners

There’s a whole new generation of young gardeners that will be spending their time outside with their families and friends.

Gardening is not just for adults anymore and there are some great activities to get kids into gardening!

With adult supervision, kids will love getting involved in the process, eating healthy food grown right at home, and spending time with their family and friends.

These gifts are just for the young gardener in your life, so you can encourage and develop their love of gardening.

Kid’s Gardening Set

One of the best things about gardening is that it’s simple and easy for children to get involved. Kids love to grow their own vegetables and taste what they’ve harvested.

Gardening is a fun way to get kids outdoors and learning where their food comes from.

Get them their own gardening set so they can start helping in the garden right away.

There are many garden tool sets available for kids, including shovels, rakes, cultivators, watering cans, and more.

These won’t typically be high quality tools that will last for years, but they’ll be small, functional, and enough to get kids involved.

A bonus for parents is that these sets are usually smaller and lighter weight, so they’re easier for little hands to use.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Any child who’s excited about cooking will love growing their own herbs.

Indoor herb garden kits are often not much more than a plastic container with some seeds, but they’re enough to get your little green thumb started!

You can help set them up with an indoor herb garden kit that includes everything they need to grow their own plants that they can cultivate, smell, and taste.

Gardening Shoes

Everyone’s excited about getting outside and gardening.

There are many benefits to kids digging in the dirt, but then they need to come back inside and that dirt comes with them.

Keep their regular shoes clean and reduce muddy shoe prints through the house by giving them their own pair of gardening shoes.

Crocs work well for younger kids, but Sloggers are a great option once kids get into adult shoe sizes.

More Gift Ideas

There are more fantastic gifts to be given to gardeners than just gardening tools and growing supplies.

Gardeners often take better care of their plants than they do their own skin, so it’s important that they’re reminded to do a little self care from time to time.

Deep Scrub Hand Soap

While there are many things gardeners enjoy about working with dirt, it can make their hands dry and cracked.

Add some hand soap that’s specifically for gardeners to keep their skin healthy and supple.

We love the Greenwich Bay Gardeners Exfoliating Hand Scrub because it has loofah and apricot seeds to exfoliate and scrub hands clean, but it also has shea butter and cocoa butter to leave skin feeling soft.

Cute Hairclips

Girls with long hair know how difficult it can be to stay cool and keep your hair out of your face while working in the garden.

Gardeners should get to be cute too.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from, but we like these large banana clips because they can hold up a lot of long hair.

Gardening T-shirt

T-shirts are a classic gift that will always be useful.

Give your favorite gardener a shirt that reminds everyone they’d rather be gardening and take a break from being stuck inside all day.

Gardeners will love these shirts that have fun sayings about growing food and spending time outside.

They’ll love wearing their T-shirt to work, school, or on a fun day out with friends.

Gardening Coffee Mug

Coffee is the fuel that gets most people through the day, but it’s especially important for gardeners who are up early and stay outside all day long.

Help them celebrate their love of gardening with a cute coffee mug that shows off their personalities.

We love this mug that says ‘That’s What I Do I Drink Coffee And I Grow Things’.

It’s perfect for an accomplished gardener who savors every moment they spend in their garden.

Choosing the right gift

The gift of gardening is something that lasts a lifetime.

With so many different options for gifts, it can be hard to choose just one!

From garden tools and supplies to self-care products or even a Kitchen Botanicals gift certificate, there are plenty of great ideas in this post with descriptions on how each will help your favorite gardener enjoy the gift they’ve received all year long.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive DIY gift idea or want to spoil someone special with something more extravagant, we hope these suggestions have helped guide you towards finding the perfect present for any green thumbed friend in need.