Flower Mix, Fairy Meadow, Large Packet


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This charming mix of wildflowers, herbs, and low-growing plants transforms any area into a beautiful flowering meadow that provides nectar and habitat for a wide range of garden sprites.

Mix includes (see diagram):

  1. Carpet of Snow Alyssum
  2. Baby Blue Eyes
  3. Tussock Bellflower
  4. Candytuft
  5. California Bluebells
  6. California Poppy
  7. Dwarf Columbine
  8. Corn Poppy
  9. Creeping Daisy
  10. Showy Evening Primrose
  11. Alpine Forget-Me-Not
  12. Chinese Forget-Me-Not
  13. Johnny-Jump-up
  14. Swiss Giant Pansy
  15. Maiden Pinks
  16. Spurred Snapdragon
  17. Winter Thyme

Small Packet: 3g (~156 sq. ft.)

Large Packet: 12g (~624 sq. ft.)

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