Bring Home the Butterflies Flower Mix

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Looking for a way to bring some beauty and serenity into your garden this year? Look no further than our Bring Home the Butterflies Flower Mix!

This delightful mix of annuals, biennials, and perennials is the perfect way to attract butterflies to your outdoor space. With a lovely range of flower colors, heights, and bloom times, this mix is sure to add some visual interest to your garden.

Plus, the sweet fragrance of the flowers will make your garden a truly inviting retreat for all your winged friends. So why not give our Bring Home the Butterflies Flower Mix a try this year? We know you'll love it!

Mix includes (see diagram):

  1. China Aster
  2. Bishops Flower
  3. Black-Eyed Susan
  4. Borage
  5. Calendula
  6. Balsam
  7. Clover, Crimson
  8. Coreopsis, Lance-leaved
  9. Bachelor's button
  10. Cosmos
  11. Dill
  12. Lemon Mint
  13. Mexican Lupine
  14. Mexican Sunflower
  15. Parsley
  16. Pincushion Flower
  17. Blazing Star
  18. Purple Coneflower
  19. Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
  20. Snapdragon
  21. Sneezeweed
  22. Butterfly Flower/Milkweed
  23. Sweet Sultan
  24. Sweet William
  25. Tall Verbena
  26. Sweet Alyssum
  27. Sulphur Cosmos

Small Packet: 3g (~48 sq. ft.)

Large Packet: 10g (~136 sq. ft.)


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