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Craspedia is a popular choice among florists, thanks to its clusters of bright orbs and dazzling in cut or dried bouquets. However, this popular head-turner is receiving some well-deserved attention for its ornamental attributes on the garden bench. The colorful, happy drumstick flower ( Pycnosorus globosus ) has bright yellow, globe-shaped blooms that sit atop wiry stems, making it a lovely cut bloom.

Despite the fact that the blooms appear delicate, the plants are strong, enduring drought, heat, and poor soil conditions. The plants are also low-maintenance and easy to grow, whether they're placed in the ground or in pots.

The seeds germinate best at soil temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Seeds can be started in trays indoors six to eight weeks before your estimated last spring frost. The seeds may be planted outside in a prepared garden bed two to four weeks after the last frost, once the soil has warmed. Provide consistent warmth, moisture and fast-draining soil for optimal germination and healthy growth.

Craspedia can tolerate heavy soils, but they need good drainage to thrive. Add amendments such as compost, wood chips, and perlite to areas with clay-based soil to ensure that air is included in the bed and that drainage is improved. Craspedia plants do best in soil with little fertility, so avoid fertilizer and rich garden soils.

This pollinator-attracting flower is commonly known in its native countries of New Zealand and Australia as Billy buttons. They are grown as an annual in most of the United States, but can be grown as a perennial within USDA zones 8 to 11. They can reach a mature height of 24 to 30 inches with a 12- to 18-inch spread. They love heat and full sun, but need some protection from strong winds.

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