Soil Builder Peas and Oats Cover Crop


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Looking to build up your soil and give it a nutrient-rich boost? Look no further than our Soil Builder Peas and Oats Cover Crop!

This hardworking mix of legumes and grasses will quickly get to work improving your soil with plenty of organic material and nutrients. Perfect for prepping garden areas or improving lawns, the peas in this mix will help fix nitrogen while the oats hold onto nitrogen and suppress weeds.

You'll also attract bees and other beneficial insects with the pretty flowers that the peas produce. Best of all, when sown in the fall this mix will provide a wonderful winter mulch that helps prevent soil erosion.

Come spring, just till it into your garden beds for some of the richest, most fertile soil around!

65 grams | Organic Heirloom

This packet sows approximately 80 square feet.

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