Chef’s Medley Mesclun Lettuce


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Looking for a special medley of lettuces to create an unforgettable salad? Look no further than Chef's Medley Mesclun Lettuce! This unique blend of lettuces, selected by renowned Boulder chef John Platt, is perfect for adding interest and flavor to any salad.

With a mix of 'Lolla Rossa', 'Oak Leaf', 'Black Seeded Simpson', and 'Summer Bibb' lettuces, along with arugula, mizuna, and tatsoi, this mesclun lettuce has something for everyone. And because it's pre-mixed, it's easy to create a delicious salad in no time! So whether you're entertaining guests or just looking to add some variety to your lunchtime routine, Chef's Medley Mesclun Lettuce is the perfect choice.

1.5g (~954 seeds)

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