California Blackeye #5 Bush Cowpea Bean


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Looking for a hearty, heat-resistant bean that can take on whatever Mother Nature throws its way? Look no further than the California Blackeye #5 Bush Cowpea Bean!

Though it goes by many names - black-eyed pea, cowpea, or southern pea - this powerful little legume is actually a bean. And not just any bean, but one that excels in high heat, humidity, and drier conditions than other beans.

The California Blackeye #5 Bush Cowpea Bean is perfect for your summer planting needs. The plants are bushy and sometimes semi-vining, bearing 6"–8" pods near the top (crown) of the plant.

Plus, they're disease resistant, so you can rest assured your crop will be healthy and plentiful.

So don't wait - add some California Blackeye #5 Bush Cowpea Beans to your garden today!

25g (~100 seeds) | Heirloom

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