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Time to garnish your pizzas and sandwiches with something leafy and nutritious! Enjoying salads like never before! A new snack made it easy and healthy!

Rocket Salad Arugula Baby Greens are right for you!

With a scientific name of Eruca Vesicaria Subsp Sativa, it packs a punch of arugula flavor. This is one of the nutritious green-leafy vegetables of Mediterranean origin and sometimes referred to as rocket or roquette. It looks like long spiky leaves that can be tiny and soft in shape.

How to Grow Arugula Baby Greens?

The seed of rocket greens are tiny so it is highly suggested not to plant them in a deep container. You also need to keep in mind that..

  • Arugula seed that can develop better in a soil temperature of 40°F or 4°C. The seed wants an acidic type of soil with a pH 6 or 7.
  • It needs to grow under direct sunlight. Sometimes, it doesn’t like a lot of heat and needs some shade so it is better that you plant it near other seasonal plants.
  • Like many other vegetables, arugula needs to be watered regularly. Make sure that the soil is evenly moist to keep the plant hydrated. If you fail to water it, the plant will bolt and the flavor of the leaves may be ruined.

Common Pests and Diseases

If you are planting in late summer, your arugula may experience some pests and diseases.

  • Slugs
  • Flea Beetles
  • Cabbage Loopers
  • Aphids

They can be sprayed off by water. The slugs can be prohibited from infesting your arugula by using beer traps and other traditional methods.

Harvesting Your Arugula Baby Greens

When taken care of properly, your rocket greens will be fully grown in about four to seven weeks. It is said that when the leaves are younger, the more sweetness it tastes. Once grown up and if you decide to harvest them, you can just pull them out from the soil. You can also wait until it grows more and just cut out some leaves from the base if you feel like eating or using them. Have I told you that arugula also blooms flowers in yellow or white? You can actually pick the flowers and add them to your favorite salad or as a dressing to your pizza.

Arugula is the New Way of Eating a Healthy Snack!

Arugula can be sometimes eaten raw but is also good when cooked. There are a lot of recipes available on the internet that you can try to give your family a new way of eating nutritious food. It can also be an additional topping for your pizza, substitute to your sandwich’s greens or even include it in your favorite salad! There are a lot of ways you can consume arugula. It doesn’t matter if it’s cooked or not, what’s important is you eat good food for a better you!

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